When the Forest Blushes

When the forest blushes…

nervous and trembling, thinking about the winter to come, ashamed of getting naked for all eyes to see it, that’s when you have a beautiful scenery to gaze upon. All those colors, from shades of green to shades of yellow, from shades of red to shades brown, create an elegant coat and offer a warm welcoming to all the wanderers of the nature.

These sunny October mornings and warmish days are the last hugs summer sends to help keep you comfortable in December. In their rebellion, hot rays of sun pierce through the wind and offer the soothing caress of the mighty bright star.

Autumn’s plummy days offer a great excuse to go out in the nature and breathe the fresh air, filled with the perfume of fallen leaves. By foot or on the bike, alone or with good company, the forest invites you to take advantage of its charm. Little can compare with a stroll in these surroundings. And, if you’re lucky enough, you might see a deer or two, trying their best to camouflage among the leafage.

The entire spectacle provided by October is worth the while for you to get out of the city. It allows you to explore and discover the forest, to hike and bike, to smile and laugh, to see the beauty of the trees and smell the perfume of fresh air. It is here where you can disconnect and recharge. It is here where you can enjoy yourself, without busy traffic, tiring noises, phone conversations, texts or e-mails. Here, in the forest, it’s only you and the trees. It is the place where you can enjoy a nice conversation with a friend or a loved one, or feel the rush of riding your bicycle downhill, while leaves fly wildly behind.

Padurea Octombrie


Prin Padure

As for my days, they start with a cup of coffee with milk and honey. Gazing upon the colorful horizon while enjoying the sweet taste of the caramel drink and planning for the day. And when I feel like it, I just go for a stroll down the colorful forest road.

October Mornings Coffee

This path between the trees is like walking towards a fairytale, where magic can happen; at least within you. Down these wood trails you can enjoy the silence only nature can provide. You can let your thoughts linger away to almost forgotten memories or dream and plan your future. Past and future melt away in this tranquil moment. This is why it’s all so mystical.

So embrace this moody season, its delightful colors and the still blue sky.

October Sky

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, go discover the hidden trails between the colorful trees. Take a friend or a loved one with you and go for a walk or hop on your bikes. Let the forest take you through its genuine bliss. Disconnect, recharge and enjoy yourself. Let the woods charm you, let them comfort your senses and sooth your mind. Enjoy these last sunny October mornings and all the great scenery of the blushing forest leaves.

October Trail Woods


October woods and trails


Trails in October


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