The Partner – an engaging legal thriller

For a bit of inspiration and relaxation all I need is a good book and some hot cocoa. One of my favorite authors is John Grisham and last week-end I just finished an older book of his, that I only cam across in a book shop these days, The Partner.

Most of Grisham’s books are law related and have as  main character a lawyer, this book makes no exception. The plot is straight forward, a young partner at a law firm dies and shortly after 90 million dollars are stolen from the company, leading his co-workers to suspect that he is not actually dead.



After four years of searching, another interested party who has been paying a private company who specializes in finding people, receives the good news that the thief is alive and well in Brazil.

As the story unveils, readers find out who the good character is, how the theft was planned and how everything seems to fall into place as the main character masterminds his great disappearance.

This book is a great read for those of you who love a story that unravels its mystery page by page and appreciate a good scheme that turns out to be smartly planned and has valid reasons for being put in action.

Though the ending is not as some might expect, this book is worth reading and keeps you engaged in the action chapter by chapter.

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