The benefits of running… into old friends

Sometimes people are all you need to feel better.

Family and friends are a safety net when the world around seems to crush all your dreams and raise obstacles in the way of your goals.

Every once in a while though, it might seem like the people who are around you all the time can’t boost your spirit, and then accidentally you bump into an old friend whom you haven’t seen in months or years and who manages to put a smile on your face. A person who you shared stories with a long time ago, a person who is able to raise your morals with a good joke or a good story.

While every close family member or friend who is always in contact is a very important happiness and love factor in one’s life, running into a person whom you care about but were not in contact for a while is an experience which brings  good vibes. Because such a person can take your mind off from your own burdens while he or she is sharing with you bits and pieces of their own lives. Such a person can shed some light to problems while coming with new insights and sharing some of their life experience with you and giving you a good piece of advice.

A good old friend that you have’t seen in a while is a gift, a gift of joy, of remembering and of reuniting.  Running into an old friend is sometimes just the event you need to feel refreshed and joyful. Bumping into such a person, sharing your thoughts, while they share theirs with you is relaxing. A person who you care a great deal about, even though you haven’t seen each other in ages will always be able to lift your spirit. It is a person that sparks your energy and you will spark theirs.

Sometimes, running into an old friend, having a cup of coffee and just learning about what both of you have done in the period you haven’t seen each other is a positive experience that will bring you joy.


Friendship is a gift and older friends who accidentally show up in your life can bring a new perspective to your thoughts and put a smile on your face.



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