The benefits of running …from a toxic job

After 3 years of working in a Multinational Company I finally took the leap and said no more.

Today’s benefit of running is about escaping a toxic environment and an overwhelming job. Not only that but it’s always important to get along with the people you work with and when that is missing… so is the magic.

How can you focus and enjoy what you are doing when the people around you are there to constantly get involved and tell you what to do? It’s like you cancel your thoughts and your own ideas so that whatever you are working on fits a standardized pattern of someone else’s mentality.

We all perceive things differently and have different styles of doing things so why not have the liberty to have an open mind, to express your ideas and to improve a process that takes too long before you can see any results.


Process… that is one word that got on my nerves in the past months as, while I agree there have to be guidelines on how to get a job well done, a process will always be changing, because it’s too slow, it has shortcomings or it simply fails to provide the expected results. Then again, the process is not the issue, but the person implementing it, as if one is that narrow minded to believe that all should be done as per the process, than all is just one task repeated endlessly and having the same outcome each time.  As ten different tasks are done in ten different ways and have in common some key aspects that assist you in performing them well, each time the process will be at least slightly different in order to have distinct results.

So when I say there is a benefit from running from a toxic work environment, I mean running away from a coordinator or a team lead or anyone with a management position that would not agree that each individual is unique, each way of working it’s unique and that processes will always change, will always improve.

So run, find a job that you like in an environment  that you love, and don’t create processes, create guidelines and work on or around them to improve your work every day, every hour, task by task.

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