The Benefits of Living near the Forest

Picture of Faget Forest

When birds are chirping although is still cold outside you feel spring in the air. Even though the trees have no leaves and the sun is shining shyly your heart feels it and your mind knows it, spring is making its way through the wind and the snow, taking ownership of the weather. This time of the year is amazing, your senses suddenly revive and you feel like hugging mother nature for finally offering you warmth and sunny days.

As for me, I live near the forest and sometimes the birds are singing so loud and happily they make me smile and want to sing along. It is a heart warming sensation when you wake up with the sunshine smoothly caressing your face, making you eager to open your eyes and start a new day.

The forest is quite, sometimes so quite you can hear the wing flapping of the birds flying in the sky, so waking up in these peaceful surroundings gives you tranquility. Drinking your coffee while absorbing the immense calmness encircling you gives you a sweet satisfaction. Breathe in, breathe out, all that will flood your lungs is chill and fresh air.

This serene tranquility overwhelming you is piercing into your soul, calming it down, exalting it and helping you start fresh. Because the chirping of the birds, the chime of the trees swaying softly and the fanfare of the wind come together to create a song of happiness, of starting new, bursting out joy and positivity.

And the forest, grandiose shield, keeping away the hustle and bustle of the city, it waits patiently for its green cloth to dash in. It was so resilient through the long, cold winter and now, it sings along the spring song through the melancholic dance of each oak, beech, hornbeam and every other tree.

This time of the year, if you take a walk through the woods you might be lucky enough to find snowdrops. These tiny little, delicate flowers are the proof of spring slowly stepping in and taking control from winter. And while strolling on the paths still covered with leaves you might be lucky enough to spot a deer, a fox, a rabbit and even a hawk. It’s the best habitat for all.

Forest is peace, forest is home, forest is shield, forest is the perfect getaway. Now, with sunny days and spring closing in, walking up near the forest is the best battery recharge of all.


Faget Forest


Blue Spring Sky Faget Forest

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