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Like it or not, winter is here. And while I’m not a holiday fanatic, there is something special about this season. The first snow, warm tea, hot chocolate, flavored hot wine, fluffy sweaters, colorful gloves and hats, carols and of course, feeling Christmas closing in. Yes, there is the shopping madness, the cold weather and layered outfits, but then again, it can’t all be peaches and cream.

Winter all around

So while the snow was pouring all around yesterday and while the logs were burning in the fireplace, I got in the mood of listening to carols and Christmas songs. Needless to say, they cheer me up every time.

When it comes to seasonal tunes, one of my favorites, Sia, released her new album “Everyday is Christmas” on YouTube. These songs, whether happy or with a slow rhythm, are sure to turn your Christmas mode on. All her new chimes are great but my top 3 favorite are:

Not necessarily in this exact order.

If you are looking for some new holiday music this season, give them a try. You won’t regret it.

Among the other Christmas songs I love to listen to, is a live representation of “Carol of the Bells” by the Celtic Women, with an outstanding backing orchestra:

And if we got to live concerts, here is an outstanding performance of “Twelve Days of Christmas”:

Can you feel the instruments echoing in your chest? The live ambiance draws you into holiday spirit and warms your soul.

These are all great but, I am a big admirer of traditional Romanian carols. These are very close to my heart, as I grew up with my mother and grandmother singing them to me. Here are 2 of my all-time favorites:

Now that is cold, what else can I do? Light up the fire in the fireplace, make myself a cup of warm green tea – I discovered a good flavored one from Lipton, put on some holiday tunes and write. Days like this pump up the inspiration.

fireplace and tea

What gets you through the cold, long days of winter?

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