Quiet week-end summer mornings

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It’s the week-end yet waking up early in the morning can be a very rewarding feeling. It’s that one moment of the day when everybody is still asleep. Maybe only the birds are awake. And this is the moment you can enjoy a calm, peaceful and relaxing time. Whether you are sipping your favorite coffee, having lemonade or reading a few pages of a book, you have time for yourself alone. Everybody else is still resting. And so are you, because enjoying some private time without any interruptions, is truly a comforting and comfortable feeling.


My summer mornings

Waking up early during the week is a necessity, waking up early on Saturdays and Sundays is a choice. And if you choose to rise up a few hours before anybody else, you can enjoy a relaxing view and the peaceful hours of week-end mornings. Me for example, I live in a small village near the forest but, there is a fun park nearby and week-ends are more busy and noisy than week days. So what do I do? I wake up early, make myself a cup of coffee, get out on the porch and gaze upon the green trees and the blue sky. That is a feeling of contentment. Something no one can take away from me.

And summer mornings, oh they are so beautiful. Birds are chirping, sun is shining and the wind barely blows, making the green leafs of the forest tango with delicacy. And it’s just me and my warm cup of coffee. The village is still asleep, no noisy tourists, no cars driving, nothing. I’m surrounded by serene silence. This is one of my favorite moments. Being the end of the week, I don’t need to worry about anything so I do my best to relish time passing slowly. My loved one is asleep, my pet is asleep, it’s just me, the forest, the blue sky and the warm breeze.

Week-end summer mornings

summer in the forest


Yes, waking up early when you know you don’t have to sounds unpleasant. But you earn time for yourself by doing so. Why oversleep when you can be awake and enjoy some quality time on your own? You can really do whatever you please, without bothering and waking others of course. You can read, write, run if you are more of an active person, watch a movie, anything you want and like, without being interrupted by others. It’s such a great feeling, not having to worry about anything, just simply experience the pleasure of your own presence.

No matter where you live, be it in the countryside or the city, you can enjoy the peaceful week-end summer mornings just as well. Set up a cozy corner with a nice view and dive into your own thoughts without interruption. Or go for a jog while the streets are empty. It can be a relaxing way to disconnect, at least for me it is. There is no person in the world who can take this time away from you. Not your family, not your work, no one. It is your special, relaxing time.

quiet morning by the sea

early morning balcony city

morning coffee balcony city

So enjoy quite summer week-end mornings no matter where you are. They offer you calmness. And what better way to start the day if not by spending some good old quality time with yourself? Because any other day and morning you spend at work, in traffic, being busy at home, doing shopping and who knows what else. But these soothing hours are just your own. No driving, no people, no noise. It’s just you, your thoughts and your little corner of tranquility at home, or empty parks and free streets for those of you who relax by taking a walk or an early jog.

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