Let’s talk coffee tables

My Coffee Table Living Room

Whether it’s the living room or a waiting area at the office, a coffee table is simply needed for improving the space and for offering your guests tea, coffee, water and even something crunchy to eat. A coffee table is where your friends and family can enjoy a hot drink or where a business partner or potentially future employees wait before going into a meeting with you.

No matter how you put it, coffee tables are never going to be out of place in a home or an office area. This is not a bad thing though, on the contrary, it helps you give a colourful, geometric or stylish twist to the space. Because sometimes, design is all about the details and by simply placing an interesting coffee table in the room you will boost its visual aspect.

For example, my living room coffee table is very colourful and is the centre piece of the room, while the other shades in the living are light yellow, light brown and a yellowish green. As my husband and I chose those ambiance colours to match the outdoor colours, we live near the forest, this playful coffee tables boosts the energy of the space.  Here it is, and if you like it too you can get it from here.

My Coffee Table

But then again, if you would prefer other design, colour, shape and texture, here are some ideas which will definitely bring originality to your home or office. Try the online furniture store Furniture in Fashion for inspiration and variety.

If you are looking for a glass coffee table:

Merin Coffee Table Furniture in Fashion

Carmela Coffee Table Furniture in Fashion

Bent Wood Coffee Table Furniture in Fashion

For wood coffee tables how about the ones below:

Flavius Coffee Table Furniture in Fashion

Amara Coffee Table Furniture in Fashion

Seldon Coffee Table Furniture in Fashion

And, if you want to be more unique than that, try a marble or stone coffee table such as these:

Andria Coffee Table Furniture in Fashion

Melrose Coffee Table Furniture in Fashion

No need to say, there are plenty of styles to choose from, all you have to do is decide which one, from the vast selection, best fits the design of your living room or office waiting area.

If you are not certain, browse the web for ideas, check out interior design blogs and ask your friend, the ones who knows all about blending colours and designs, we all have one.

Happy decorating dears!

Pictures taken from Furniture in Fashion

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