How about a warm cup of green tea?

Being cold as it is these days I enjoy drinking a warm cup of green tea to help me detoxify my system now that autumn is here. It’s the taste that I enjoy the most about green tea but also preparing it gives me a cozy feeling.

So here I am, zipping from my aromatic tea and re-reading an article that reminds me of the benefits of drinking green tea.

Among the beneficial treats I am sharing three, and for more information you can read the original article “10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea” at:


Here they go:

Green tea can improve brain function. How is that not great? We all need to give our brain some boost and having a lovely cup of green tea helps with that.

picture 3

Green tea increases fat burning. So if you are into work-out, as we all should be, green tea helps you burn down calories and stay hydrated.

picture 4

Green tea improves dental health, some studies show. How? By killing bacteria and lowering infection risk.

picture 5

It’s cold outside, so fix yourself a cup of green tea to warm you up and get you prepared for the week-end.


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