Heart breaking and heartwarming – Collateral Beauty

Collateral beauty

I owe this post to my brother G. as he suggested I go see Will Smith’s new film, Collateral Beauty.

Heart breaking and heartwarming. Not the first inspirational movie but definitely one worth seeing. With a handful of actors who are exceptional and a sad story behind, this will definitely bring some tears to your eyes.

Truth being told, I liked the movie since I first saw the trailer and it didn’t let me down. With bits and pieces of twists here and there, this story will warm your heart and leave you guessing.

The events can be easily relatable and the healing process undertaken by the character is realistic and truthful.

Will Smith is remarkable as always but the roles played by Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley and Jacob Latimore impressed me the most. And while the story takes place around a grieving father, one cannot lose sight of the problems the characters played by Edward Norton, Kate Winslet and Michael Peña face.

For me this was a good movie, with amazing story lines and with just the right amount of mystery to keep me guessing.

So if you are looking to go see a film this Sunday night and like inspiring stories, I warmly recommend Collateral Beauty.

More about the movie on IMDB.

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