A tiny special spot in your home

Do you have a special spot in your home where you hide away and take a break? Or a certain place which you decorated in your own unique style?  These are the hiding places for the child within.

It may be a corner, a room or simply a sofa where you can enjoy a cop of coffee and let your mind and thoughts run freely and wildly. A place where you can read or enjoy the world outside.

At my place, I have a sort of a dressing room slash hallway slash tiny study which is airy enough for me to feel comfortable, with a great view towards the wood nearby and with a light purple sofa which is charming, stylish and brings a bit of a pastel shade to the room.

I have chosen this cute sofa after months of searching on the internet. As the space to insert it in was quite small, I found it difficult to actually find a piece of furniture that can fit. It almost seemed like furniture these days is created especially for large spaces and huge homes. That is a bit unfortunate, as many small houses can be decorated with a personal touch by everyone.


Small places don’t have to be wasted and are not useless, one can boost the aesthetic of their home by simply re-designing a small spot in their homes. And you can do that with items such as bookshelves, armchairs, a pot of flowers or handmade objects which simply add a bit of twist to the home.

Me, I have my special tiny sofa, the view of the frozen forest and the sparkly snow on the ground to help me disconnect. And I do believe that having such a spot in your home is not a trifle, it’s a joy.


And while the scenery outside is cold, fire burns in the living room downstairs.


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