A glass of red wine to end the day fine

I don’t know about you but after a long crazy day I love being at home, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace and admiring the colorful leafs that hang on tightly but shivering to the trees. Apart from that, indulging myself with a glass of red wine is sometimes a must. Even though I am a casual drinker, I think that once in a while I deserve such a treat a glass of flavored wine is.


So I am pouring myself some and forget about the problems, the crowd, the road back home and any other silly thing that can cross my mind and mess with my good vibe. I believe that sitting on your cozy sofa, at home, offers  great shelter from the world while a glass of good wine gives you a joyful boost and helps you take your mind off the queries of the day that is about to pass.


I am watching the logs burning in the fireplace, throwing little reddish sparkles around and warming the atmosphere, a great view to look at as night closes by and the wind blows outside.

wine by fireplace

Join me for a drink, even if it’s just Thursday and let’s wait for the week-end in a good mood and with a taste of flavored, delicious red wine.

red wine

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